Friday, May 29, 2009

Just Don't Push Me!!!

(This was posted on KCL - you may start seeing a lot of duplicate entries as it's so easy to cut and paste.)

I have never been more relieved that it is finally Friday. Why is it, when we have a holiday and the work week is only 4 days, it seems to be the longest week?

I’m not posting much, here or on KCL. My life is crazy busy and I don’t foresee any break.

But, I need to vent about last night. I had a family meeting with my ex's 3 brothers. I laid it all on the table. Made copies of everything I have done - social security, ssi, short term disability, applications to care facilities, gave them his bank account information and pin numbers, life insurance policy, etc.

I updated them on the daily nurse visits, she said he is “moving quickly” and are increasing his meds weekly. He is now up to 160 mg of extended release morphine twice a day, along with liquid morphine as needed. No wonder he’s hallucinating!

He has nothing, his life insurance policy is only $10,000, 401k is $500 and not much in his bank accounts. But, his brothers must think differently. I wonder if they think they will get stuck with the funeral expenses?

They agreed that his oldest brother will be power of attorney. But they keep bringing up the f’n life insurance policy!!!!! Yes, I am the bene, but I wish they could see that I’m not doing this for the money – there is none.....


  1. Did you point this out to them? That there is no huge amount of money to be gained from this? Sad, that when people have to deal with deth, inheritancves, etc., they get all greedy and don't think straight. I sincerely hope this works out for you. Like you need this, in addition to everything else you're going through. Giant hugs to you.

  2. families - man they can be unbelievable. went through the same shit when my dad died. No matter what - they're in it for the money.