Friday, February 27, 2009

Is This For Real?

Yeah, I know. I'm spending waaay to much time on the computer these days.

I came across this article at - this can't be for real, is it?!?!?!?!?


I saw this at the dog park a couple weeks ago. Whenever I need a laugh, I look at this.............

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Name Game

I've been noticing blogs where people are looking up their name on Urban Dictionary.

I've always known my name meant "princess." My middle name means "warrior." Just call me Xena....

Anyway, I looked up Sarah and this is what it said:

1. Sarah
The name "Sarah" is translated from the Hebrew language. It means "Princess"...and rightly so!

2. The correct spelling of the name sara.
What is your name? Sarah
Me too!
But how do you spell it?
The correct way

3. a sexy little creauture!

4. A hero, a friend, a sexy peice of ass

5. Perfect and Beautiful

6. A girl who is able to make you think that the last day you spent together was the best day of your life, only to prove you wrong the next time you see her.

I'll end it at that ; )

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February 25, 1995

It has been fourteen years now since my father's death.

In some ways it seems like forever, and in other ways it seems like yesterday.

He died at the age of 62 after a seven month battle with cancer that was discovered just a year after he retired.

Everyday that passes by, I still think of him.

I wish he was here to see my children grow, and to help me get through life.

He was the most caring, patient, understanding person I have ever met. I'm proud to say he was my father. He helped a lot of people in the time he was here. He spent most of his life as a junior and senior high counselor and also a coach. I guess I never realized how much of an impact on other people's lives he had until he was diagnosed with cancer.

While in the hospital and when we had hospice at home, there was a continual stream of people visiting him. Former students, teachers and friends. Listening to them describe how he affected their lives meant so much.

I know he's looking over us and wishing us the best. Life is so hard without him........

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Cherry Is Ripe.....

for a new coat of paint!

The cherry portion of the Walker Art Center's "Spoonbridge and Cherry" was removed yesterday for repainting.

The bright-red orb should be back on its familiar perch in about five weeks.

It is such a signature image for the Twin Cities area I just had to share!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fingers Crossed

Effective December 31st, my position was eliminated and I am still unemployed.

Please keep fingers, toes, and anything else crossed that will bring me luck. I jumped on a job that was only posted for 4 days. I was able to contact the hiring recruiter - during our conversation, she pulled my resume and it is now on the hiring managers desk.

The job is perfect. Perfect location, good company to work for, and great benefits.

I really want this job, need this job, and need to get back to work as I'm not happy being home all day long.........

A person can only clean so much : )

Sunday, February 22, 2009

To All My JS Friends Out There......

I have decided to join Blogspot and am hoping to reconnect with my former JS friends.

I'll post more soon, just wanted to set up my account...........

Hope to join everyone soon!